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Updated August 30, 2022

The Ultimate Guide for Promoting Tours and Activities in Your Travel Content

This guide is for beginners and experienced publishers who want to unlock the earning potential of the tours and activities affiliate segment.

Are you currently working with tours & activities affiliate programs?

What Is This Guide About?

Travel affiliate marketing offers creators a variety of segments to earn with. However, many stick to 2-3 of the most popular segments, such as flight tickets, hotels, and car rentals, ignoring other lucrative niches such as tours and activities.

That’s where we come in. This free guide serves to introduce you to the benefits of the tours and activities niche. Inside, you’ll read about our experience and find comments from the most well-known tours and activities brands.

What You'll Learn

  • How much you can earn by promoting tours and activities affiliate programs
  • Who can earn with tours and activities
  • How to choose the most suitable partner program from the tours and activities segment
  • The top 6 tours and activities affiliate programs
  • 2022 trends in the tours and activities segment
  • Tips and tricks on how to promote tours and activities
  • What types of content to create
  • Tools for promoting tours and activities and the advantages of each of them


What are the best tours and activities affiliate programs?
The best program is one that suits your traffic source, content, and audience (in our guide, we devote an entire chapter to this question). At Travelpayouts, there are many programs within the tours and activities niche, so no matter what kind of audience or type of content you have, you'll find a program that suits you.
Why should I promote tours and activities?
The tours and activities segment combines high earning potential with a wide variety of products to promote. You can use different traffic sources to promote tours and activities. You can make money on experiences, even if your internet source is not about travel. In our opinion, this segment is one of the best for people just starting out in travel affiliate marketing as well as experienced publishers who want to increase their income.
How can travel bloggers make money by promoting tours and activities?
Once you become an affiliate partner and start recommending tours and activities in your content, you’ll get paid every time a user books a tour or activity through your recommendation.
How can I become a travel affiliate partner and start making money?
To become an affiliate, you first need to join a partner program. You can go directly to the brand’s website or join an affiliate network/platform such as Travelpayouts. We recommend the second option because you’d be able to join several partner programs and compare their performance easily.
How can Travelpayouts help me make money as a travel blogger?
We have many resources that can help get you started. First, there’s the Travelpayouts Academy, where you’ll find free courses, including one with expert Sharon Gourlay about SEO in the travel niche. You can also check out our Help Center or read our blog, which is packed with useful information. And finally, our support team is always ready to answer any questions.

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